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Divine Daze E06 S20


Divine Daze E06 S20

Wow… its June!! I blink after that incredible Christmas break and 6 months is gone!! That must have been the busiest start to the year ever. Which makes us feel like 20 years of hard work has been totally worth it. June always feels like a constant party!!! I’m surrounded by Gemini’s!!! Frankie, Mariella and myself just to name a few!! While we’re on the subject of birthday’s, Divine turns 20 this year the same weekend as amateurs. Someone mentioned we should have an ‘Amateur’s after-party’ because everyone is already in the mood, I was thinking we could replicate our 1st Birthday we had in the car park back in 1999. Set up the marquees, pop some bottles…. I don’t know yet… we’ll see what happens. I don’t usually like to plan things too much, it best when things “just happen”.



Financial year sales can often make June a quiet month for services industry as most people are sorting out there finances and shopping for claimable things. So if you’re a flight attendant I’m told you can claim hydration treatments!! Anyway if you think you can claim anything hair related let me know and I can do something up for you. As of the last couple of years we have joined in the financial year hype in an attempt to run out as much retail as possible. Now some of our supplier’s will not allow us to bastardize there brands (discount), but keep an eye out for some fantastic packages on products and hair Tools when you have a June service.




My friend Suzie, from Barr St Markets Perrottas Italian Kitchen is holding a Fundraiser with all proceeds going towards Ronald McDonald House. It kicks off at 4pm on Sunday 29th July with raffles and entertainment then at 6pm a pizza and pasta buffet dinner. Tickets are $45 for adults and $5 for kids under 12. We are donating a massive prize valued at over $500 so if your free that Sunday bring the Kids for what I think will be a great afternoon. If you haven’t tried their pizza you are missing out!!! By far the best pizza in Cairns. And it’s all you can eat 




Now I don’t know if you have heard of Olaplex or any other “plex’s” that have been getting around the hairdressing industry. It all started a few years back when Kimmy K went from dark brown to platinum blonde in one visit to the hairdresser… I think all hairdressers world wide felt a sinking feeling in their stomach when this image flooded the internet as they waited in anticipation for the backlash this was about to produce…

Fortunately Divine stylists are highly confident in their field and know that this transformation is totally unrealistic for the average human being. Anyway this lead to the explosion of this new “Plex” technology to the hairdressing market, they were claiming you could bleach you hair and push it past its limits without breakage!! Now, this totally goes again everything we know as hairdressers… you can bleach the shit out of someone’s hair and it won’t break….. I don’t think so…

Anyway we tried a few different brands without much confidence and decided that we don’t really push hair past breaking point anyway so we don’t need it…. fast forward to a few months ago and Wella launched its very own “WellaPlex”.

Last month Caitlin had a weekend in Melbourne and attended a Wella Plex workshop that explained in detail what it was, why we need it and how it compares to the other plex brands. What she learnt is pretty interesting stuff. I’m going to get a bit sciencey on you but please bear with me.

So your hair is made up of bonds, which are chains of amino acids. You have 3 types of bonds the most important ones that hold your hair together are Disulphide bonds, these are the strongest out of the 3 and are very hard to break. Breakage of these bonds is caused by heat damage i.e. too much sun or heat tool exposure or chemical damage i.e. colouring, bleaching, chemical straightening, BOX COLOURS AND BAD SHAMPOO. Now every time you lighten your hair you are breaking up to 40% of these disulphide bonds!!! That’s huge!! And unfortunately these bonds do not get replaced. So when you mix bad shampoo with a box colour then place foils on top of that you have hair that’s barely hanging by a thread.

That’s where Wellaplex comes in….

Wellaplex can be added to any colour service and reduces bond breakage by 50%. Not only is that but the take home product that is included in the service is a treatment to be used once a week to replace broken bonds with artificial bonds resulting in stronger hair. This makes you happy, it makes me happy… everyone is happy!!! If you think your hair could benefit from a Wellaplex treatment, mention it at your next visit and we can go into it with more detail to determine if your hair will benefit from it.


Cloud nine


We only like using the best tools and product when we work, this makes our job so much easier in fact it doesn’t feel like work at all, we are always learning the latest techniques and finding new products on the market. Once we determine which the best are, I make sure we’re all kitted up plus it means I can pass it on to you guys. Our latest editions are the blow-dryers and brushes. We all looooove the new parlux, we have sold quite a few and the feedback is fantastic.

Our other favourite tool would be Cloudnine. We LOVE the Cloudnines ever since they were released around about 2014. In the beginning we had so many people asking for GHD!! Well my last thin GHD (ceramic) died so I had to replace it, Cloudnine don’t make this size so I thought I’ll stock both and give people whatever they want while at the same time assess what I already knew…. GHD is just operating off brand recognition, give me a Cloudnine over everything any day. The original GHD were amazing, all this new titanium ceramic coated bla bla are nothing like the quality of the original models. Anyway we love Cloudnine. Go and have a look on our social media, there’s some sort of competition we are running and we still have few to sell by the end of the month.


Brush upgrade…


As I mentioned before we have also upgraded our brushes. We have been looking at a new supplier who seems to have all the dream brands I love!! They have our favourite Japanese brushes YS Park, our new black carbon version are amazing… even though they are double the $$ of the ones we already have, I wanted to try one anyway and I love them. The tension is incredible but I had to slow down my blow dries otherwise it feels like I could rip your head off. The hair shiny and the blow dry lasts longer…. Just when I thought I had the best I stumble across something better. Another brand they stock is one I have had my eye on for some time now… BALMAIN!! I have seen it in Hong Kong and Melbourne and thought it would be totally out of our league but having a closer look it’s actually reasonably priced for a luxury brand plus they have range of hair ornaments and tools which would be fantastic gifts this Christmas. I can’t wait to test it out and see what you guys think.



I think that’s enough from me for now don’t forget to have a look at our social media for our Cloud Nine competition and keep and ear out for our eofy sale likely to be in the next week or so…

Oh I must also mention we are having a Kevin Murphy Colour Me educator up from Brisbane on Tuesday 26th June. If you’re interested in trying out the new Kevin Murphy Colour it would be ideal to book on that day!!! Call the salon on 40322555 to secure your booking…

Like shampoo through the hour glass…. these are the divine daze….

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